Response to the City of San Jose’s Request for Information on building solutions to traffic congestion and Climate Change:


There are multiple 10X (ten times) benefits in digitizing mobility.

Digitizing mobility is the solution to traffic congestion, Climate Change, perpetual oil-wars, and road-deaths:

  • Morgantown’s PRT network (1972), the first digital network of grade-separated self-driving cars, has delivered 150 million injury-free, oil-free passenger-miles. In that same period, 1.8 million Americans died on the government road monopoly.
  • You can see the beginnings of a Physical Internet® on streets as “Pirate-Patriots” purposefully violate laws to digitize mobility. They are flooding cities with ride-hailing, scooters, and self-driving cars on road.
  • Freight railroads and ships use containers to digitize moving freight at 400+ ton-miles per gallon.

Communications digitized, replacing a century of rotary telephones with the Internet after the courts declared the Federal communications monopoly unconstitutional in 1982.

The Solar Mobility Act ends oil/coal burning transportation monopolies by enforcing the Constitution’s “post Roads” restriction. Unless rejected in writing, privately funded, solar-powered mobility networks 5 times more efficient than government roads pay 5% of gross revenues to use Rights of Way (following as pending in Massachusetts’ Legislature).


Following is documentation of Morgantown’s PRT, JPods efforts in the Bay Area, and what a modern JPods network would look like in San Jose.

  1. Morgantown’s PRT (the first network of self-driving cars):

    1. A video of Walter Cronkite covering Tricia Nixon opening the first network of grade-separated self-driving cars (Personal Rapid Transit, or PRT) on Oct 24, 1972 in Morgantown, WV.
    2. 2013 letter from the Mayor of Morgantown on the efficacy of that network.
    3. 2013 video of the Morgantown PRT network.


  1. JPods effort in San Jose in 2009, TEDx Atlanta in 2011, and Fremont in 2013.


  1. JPods in San Jose


Route-Time™ software calculating travel times, required vehicles, etc…. From the Red Cross, walk-ride-walk times are Green = 5 minutes; Blue = 10 minutes, Yellow = 20 minutes, and Red = 30 minutes.




San Jose’s traffic and Climate Change problems could have been solved a decade, or 4, ago. Links to: